Finding your own voice is a way to access a new power!
At our school, all classes are individual, except if you want to partner with someone that has the same goals.
The teacher will be helping with your unique needs, so you will feel your personal evolution in few classes.
We bet our classes will be your favorite time of the week.

Finding your own voice is a way to access a new power

What does “feel a song`` mean? Why do we connect with some songs more than others? What are your favorite interpretations? When you listen to a song that you like very much, what is it exactly that makes you vibrate?

Two performers can perfectly tune each and every one of the notes of a song and, even so, one of the two makes a version that makes you fall in love and the other makes one that does not just convince you. How can it be, if the two singers sing the same song with the same melody? What is beyond the technique?

In this class we will work the tools so that a song is not empty, and we will analyze what the great performers of the song do.
Song interpretation60€
60€/monthly - 1h a week

(modern o classic)

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